Welcome to the Alaska Arctic Geobotanical Atlas

The Alaska Arctic Geoecological Atlas (AAGA) is an important collection of vegetation plot data and geoecological maps from Arctic and near-Arctic Alaska. The Atlas can be explored in several ways: Read about individual datasets and download resources in an open-source CKAN Data Catalog, or discover and preview available datasets through GIS-based maps at ArcGIS Online.

The AAGA is an ongoing project of the Alaska Geobotany Center at the Institute of Arctic Biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF).

Alaska Arctic Vegetation Archive

The Alaska Arctic Vegetation Plot Archive (AAVA) is comprised of the vegetation plot data in the Alaska Arctic Geoecological Atlas. The AAVA contains ground-based vegetation plot data, associated environmental data and related information, including photos, from over 3,000 plots in Arctic and near-Arctic Alaska, as well as a few sites in the Canadian high Arctic. The AAVA is a prototype for an Arctic Vegetation Archive (AVA). The AAVA uses Turboveg for Windows (Hennekens and Schaminee 2001), which is a comprehensive data management system for vegetation-plot data. Our data model is a set of tables that comprise our relational database. More information about the structure of the AAVA can be seen with our current data dictionary.

Geoecological Map Archive

The Map Archive is a multi-scale collection of detailed geoecological maps and related material. It includes maps at seven different hierarchical scales — from maps of individual plots (1-m2 plots), to integrated geobotanical maps of large landscapes and raster-based map products derived from satellite data and digital elevation models that cover the entire Arctic. The finest-scale maps focus on research sites at the Toolik Field Station and Imnavait Creek, Alaska, and biocomplexity study sites along the Dalton Highway corridor. Larger maps cover the Kuparuk River Basin, northern Alaska, Arctic Alaska, and the Circumpolar Arctic. Geoecological themes include geology, topography landforms, surficial geomorphology, soils, and vegetation.


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