Barrow IBP Topographic Grid Vegetation and Soils (Walker 1977)

The International Biome Project selected a site for the Tundra Biome near Barrow, Alaska, within a few miles of the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory (NARL). It was in a relatively undisturbed area adjacent to Footprint Creek. The vegetation and soils were mapped in detail for an area within the Barrow IBP site to help in the systematic study of frost-wedge polygon ecosystems. (Walker 1977).

The map is 390 m x 110 m, and was surveyed with a 10 x 10- m grid. It is located in the southern part of the IPB site, and is shown on the Vegetation Map of the Barrow IPB Site (Walker & Webber 1974). The map was printed at approximately 1:400 scale in Walker (1977), with three panels. The first panel maps 10 vegetation units, the survey stake locations, a micro-topo transect, vegetation plots, and soil plots. The second panel is a black-and-white airphoto of the area. The third panel maps the soils, with 5 units based on surface form (e.g. trough soils), soil pits, hydraulic conductivity samples, and survey stakes. The maps were scanned and georectified by Amelia Boyd in 2015, but have not been digitized to shapefiles.

References Walker, D.A., Webber, P.J. 1974. Vegetation map U.S. Tundra Biome study area, Barrow, Alaska. University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

Walker, D.A. 1977. The analysis of the effectiveness of a television scanning densitometer for indicating geobotanical features in an ice-wedge polygon complex at Barrow, Alaska. M.A. Thesis, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 129 pp (2 maps).

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