Circumpolar Arctic AVHRR Summer Warmth Index 1982-2003 (Raynolds et al. 2008)

This data set was calculated from monthly AVHRR thermal infrared data (Comiso 2003). Summer Warmth Index (SWI) is the sum of monthly mean temperatures above 0 degrees Celsius. The months of May-September were evaluated for the years 1982 - 2003 (Raynolds et al. 2008).

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Comiso, J. C. 2003. Warming trends in the Arctic from clear sky satellite observations. Journal of Climate 16:3498-3510.

Raynolds, M. K., J. C. Comiso, D. A. Walker, and D. Verbyla. 2008. Relationship between satellite-derived land surface temperatures, arctic vegetation types, and NDVI. Remote Sensing of Environment 112:1884-1894.

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