Patterned-Ground 10 x 10 m Grids - Franklin Bluffs

The Franklin Bluffs patterned-ground grids are located in Subzone D, on the coastal plain of the Alaska North Slope, just west of the Sagavanirktok River. There are three 10 x 10 m grids: one near the rim of an abandoned river terrace (dry), one on the same terrace, but further back from the edge and a little lower in elevation (mesic), and one on the lower abandoned river terrace below the first two (wet). All three have a complex of vegetation types created by non-sorted circles, with sparser vegetation in the circles and more continuous vegetation between the circles.

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Map Themes: Vegetation, Thaw Depth (pending), Snow Depth (pending), NDVI (pending)


Raynolds, M. K., D. A. Walker, and H. A. Maier. 2005. Plant community-level mapping of arctic Alaska based on the Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map. Phytocoenologia 35:821-848. doi 10.1127/0340-269X/2005/0035-0821

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