Upper Kuparuk River Region Vegetation (Walker and Maier 2008)

This map contains a group of vegetation maps at three scales in the vicinity of the Toolik Field Station, Alaska. The maps are intended to support research at the field station. The front side of the map contains a vegetation map and ancillary maps of a 751 km² region surrounding the upper Kuparuk River watershed, including the Toolik lake and the Imnavait Creek research areas, as well as portions of the Dalton Highway and Trans-Alaska Pipeline from the northern end of Galbraith Lake to Slope Mountain. The back side of the map shows more detailed vegetation maps of the 20-km² research area centered on Toolik Lake and a 1.2-km² intensive research grid on the south side of Toolik Lake.

All the maps are part of a hierarchical geographic information system (GIS). They are vector (shp) files, displaying the vegetation (14 units), the glacial geology (20 units), and surficial geomorphology (11 units) (legend details: http://www.arcticatlas.org/maps/themes/uk/index). In addition there are raster images of the same extent, based on satellite data from SPOT (false-color infrared (CIR) and NDVI) and Landsat (NDVI trend 1985-2007).

Go to Website Link :: Toolik Arctic Geobotanical Atlas below for details on legend units, photos of map units and plant species, glossary, bibliography and links to ground data.

Map Themes: Elevation, Glacial Geology, Hydrology, Landform, Landsat NDVI trend 1985-2007, SPOT CIR, SPOT NDVI, Surficial Geology, Surficial Geomorphology, Vegetation


Walker, D. A. and H. A. Maier. 2008. Vegetation in the vicinity of the Toolik Field Station, Alaska. Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Biological Papers of the University of Alaska #28.

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